Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Update

With one month gone, I figured I'd post an update on my collecting goals for 2015.  They are:

  • Get to at least 100 signed 1953 Topps.  I'm at 82/100 right now, after starting the year with 68.  This goal is probably a bit modest.  I'll wind up updating it to a higher figure at some point; I just want to see how long it takes me to get to 100, and how expensive that is before I set the new goal.
  • Add at least four new Hall of Famers to the set.  The return I got from Whitey Ford was the first HOF'er I added this year, and I won a Warren Spahn on eBay a couple days ago that should arrive next week.  I think adding six new HOF'ers is an achievable goal.  It will require a bit of balancing with my first goal though; even a cheap HOF'er costs enough for a few scrubs, so working on this goal hinders my sheer numbers goal.
  • Add at least two new Red Sox to the set.  Already met this one, thanks to my purchases of #40 Johnny Lipon and #149 Dom DiMaggio.  There are a few on eBay that I may bring on board at some point in the not-too-distant future, but my new goal is to add two from the other Boston team, the old Boston Braves.  After the second series, the cards were corrected to reflect the move to Milwaukee, but there are plenty of Boston Braves to go around.  The Spahn is one, and I have an Eddie Mathews out at PSA right now that I ordered last year.  
  • Get at least two more 1949 Bowmans signed.  Exceeded this one.  I have three in so far, and a request out right now with a fourth.  I'd love to pick up #211 Dave Ferriss, but he was in the high numbers, so his cards are really expensive and I haven't yet seen one within my price range.

That's where everything stands right now.

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