Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dave "Boo" Ferriss Return

Today brought the last of the 1949 Bowman returns: #211 Dave "Boo" Ferriss.  I say the last because there are only three other players from the set still alive (Red Schoendienst, Yogi Berra and Ralph Branca) and none of them are signing.  This makes the 13th signed '49 Bowman I have.  He also included two signed pictures as well.
Ferriss was nicknamed "Boo" because as a child he couldn't pronounce the word "brother".  In the 1980's, when David Halberstam was researching The Summer of '49, he traveled to Mississippi to search for Ferriss, but the Dave Ferriss he turned up was the pitcher's grandson; the former pitcher is listed in the telephone book as Boo Ferriss.

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