Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hal Rice Purchase

It's been a while since my last post.  I was in India for a few weeks as part of a school trip, and then my laptop and phone have started giving me grief whenever I try and sign in to here.  As it stands, the desktops at school are the only machines I've found that don't give me trouble.

That said, I do have another big update: I won #93 Hal Rice in one of Jim Stinson's auctions last month.  Although Rice lived a good, long life (he lived to be 73), he is one of the tougher cards because he was in a debilitating car accident after his career ended, which severely curtailed his signing ability.  Mine was signed in the 1950s, so the signature must predate the accident.  I heard a story from another collector of a guy who went to Rice's house to try and get his to sign some cards, and Rice's son turned him away.

This brings me to 153/274 (55.84 %).  I had plenty of Christmas and birthday money that I was going to plow in to cards, but life had other plans.  My textbook bill for the semester was much, much higher than I expected, and there are still a couple of expensive computer programs I need to purchase as well.  (Sigh) I feel like such an adult...

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