Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mike Garcia, Granville Hamner, Hank Edwards and Jim Waugh Purchases

It's been a while since my last post, but I did knock off a couple of the difficult cards.  I picked up #90 Hank Edwards from another Net54 member, and #146 Granville Hamner got back from SGC a while ago.  The other two, #75 Mike Garcia and #178 Jim Waugh were eBay finds that I was able to get pretty good prices on.  In the year+ I've spent building the set, this was the first Edwards I've seen, and only the second Hamner.  As a side note, Hamner's nickname during his career was 'Granny'.  He must have been heckled something awful.

I have two more that are in the mail, a purchase and an auction win.  They should be here within the next few days, though it may be a while before I can get home and scan them.  These four bring me up to 143/274 (52.19 %).     

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