Sunday, October 11, 2015

Johnny Wyrostek, Clint Courtney, Dixie Walker and Harvey Haddix Purchases

It has been a long time since my last update.  Midterms start this week, and I've been chasing my tail for a lot of the last few weeks.  I've also been busy with several new purchases, of #79 Johnny Wyrostek, #127 Clint Courtney, #190 Dixie Walker and #273 Harvey Haddix.  
Wyrostek was a two time All-Star, and one of the tougher cards.  This was the second Wyrostek I've seen, and I am glad to report that I got it cheaper than the other one.  Courtney had a long running feud with Billy Martin that culminated in the two of them beating the crap out of each other under the bleachers at Sportsman's Park.  Walker was the ringleader of the Brooklyn Dodgers who demanded to be traded instead of playing with a black man.  When not circulating racist petitions, Walker was a five time All-Star who won a batting title in 1944.  He is the only man who was a teammate of both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  Haddix went on to pitch a 12 inning perfect game that was ruined in the 13th inning.  This was his rookie card.

Edit: Walker is the only man to be teammates with Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson.

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