Friday, April 17, 2015

Sam Mele Return

I had one 1949 Bowman come in yesterday, #118 Sam Mele.  He signed it in a little under a month. I think I mailed it out on 3/20 or thereabouts.  This is the first time that Mele has ever signed the card I sent him in the four times I've written.  The first time, he signed two index cards but kept my '49 Bowman, the second time, he kept my '65 Topps and wrote "No card Scott" on my letter, and then the next '49 Bowman I sent him never received a response.  I think what made the difference is I hand wrote my letter.  Usually I type them because my handwriting is atrocious, but I guess that's what he prefers.
This is the 11th signed 1949 Bowman I have.  I'm not actively trying to complete the set like I am with the 1953 Topps, although if I ever win the lottery (or get a job) then I'll try to polish it off after I'm done with the '53 set.

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