Friday, January 2, 2015

Bobby Doerr cards

Bobby Doerr was the recipient of the first TTM request I ever sent.  I was in fifth grade, and was so excited to be writing to a major league baseball player and teammate of Ted Williams that I forgot to enclose a SASE.  Not only did Mr. Doerr use his own stamp and envelope to reply, but he told me to send anything and he would sign it.  I probably took advantage of that too much (I remember sending a huge package his way) but he signed it all.  With that in mind, I have three vintage cards signed by him.  I also have some Red Sox scorecards from the 1940s signed by him as well, but I haven't gotten around to scanning those yet.

The cards I have that coincide with his playing career are his 1941 Play Ball (he is the last living player from that set), his 1948 Leaf (I believe he is also the last living player from that set, though I could be mistaken) and his 1949 Bowman.

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