Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Rest of my '49 Bowmans

These are the other 1949 Bowmans I have signed, in addition to #23 Bobby Doerr.  From the top left, #19 Bobby Brown, #15 Ned Garver, #14 Curt Simmons, and #67 Al Dark.  The Dark was probably one of the last autographs he signed.  I got it back from him at the beginning of October, and my SASE was stamped "Unable to sign/Thank you for understanding" so I expected my card to be unsigned as well.  He passed away about a month later. I like getting the old Boston Braves cards signed, especially since this one was Dark's rookie card.  The backstory behind this card and my Bobby Doerr card is that when I was in elementary school, I paid $60 for the Doerr card, which was stolen from me about a year later.  So in September, when I saw a three card lot on eBay that included the Doerr card, the Dark card, and the set's Eddie Stanky for $50, I jumped at the chance.  

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