Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cloyd Boyer return, and a few purchases

Today I received another return, this one from #60 Cloyd Boyer.  I mailed it the day before Christmas, so it took about three weeks.  He is the older brother of former Cardinals third baseman Ken Boyer, and former Yankee Clete Boyer, both deceased.  I also had a few purchases arrive; #103 Joe Astroth, #152 Bob Adams and #153 Andy Seminick.
I currently have 73/274 of the 1953 Topps signed and on hand, with the 74th, #37 Eddie Mathews in the mail.  Once it arrives, it will bring me up to 27% of the set.  I started the year at 24.81%.  My 2015 goal is 36%, so I feel pretty confident that I'll get there.

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