Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post

Hello Everybody,

Droidtrader's blog inspired me to start my own.  I started collecting autographs when I was in 5th grade, kept at it until about my sophomore year of high school, and got back into it during my freshman year of college.

I collect mostly baseball autographs, though I do have some football, hockey, and soccer, as well as politicians.  I enjoy getting vintage baseball cards signed (hence the title of the blog), especially if it's a Red Sox card.  The big project I'm working on right now is completing a signed 1953 Topps set.  There are 274 cards in the set, and I currently have 68 (24.82%) of them signed.  I've been able to verify that at least 268 (97.81%) of the cards exist signed.  I've gotten a lot of the cards signed through the mail (TTM), but at this point it looks like it will be mostly purchases from here on out.  I'll get some scans up of those '53 Topps and some other signed vintage that I have over the next few days.

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