Friday, January 2, 2015

Enos Slaughter and Bob Feller

Two more eBay pickups with #54 'Rabid Robert' Feller and #41 Enos Slaughter.  The folks at PSA made an error when they filled out the flip; they listed this as a 1954 Topps instead of 1953.  I was able to add these two Hall of Famers for ~$90 combined, which is a good deal in my book.  Slaughter of course made the 'mad dash' from first to home on a single to cost the Red Sox the 1946 World Series.  From looking at his stats, it is evident that Feller was near the end of the line: he went 9-13 in 1952, won 10 games in 1953 and 13 the following year, then went a combined 4-8 in 1955-56 before packing it in. His card also mentions that Feller 'now depends more on his curve'.

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