Friday, January 2, 2015

Glaviano, Reynolds, Pierce and Groat

This group is #140 Tommy Glaviano, #141 Allie Reynolds, #143 Billy Pierce, #154 Dick Groat.  Pierce and Groat I received TTM during the fall, both for free.  After reading up on some of Pierce's accomplishments, I'm convinced he should be in the Hall of Fame: he is statistically similar to Whitey Ford, Jim Bunning and Don Drysdale, who are all in, and his career stats were hurt because his managers saved him for good teams i.e., the Yankees with Mantle, Martin, Bauer, and later on Maris, Kubek and Richardson.  Groat, I keep going back and forth on: he was a vital cog on two championship teams (1960 Pirates and 1964 Cardinals), and even was MVP in 1960, but he lost two years due to the Korean War, and those really hurt his career stats.   

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