Friday, January 2, 2015

Minoso, Sievers, Brodowski, Robinson

These four are #66 Roy Sievers, #67 Minnie Minoso, #69 Dick Brodowski, and #73 Eddie Robinson.  All four were obtained TTM during the past few months.  Sievers and Brodowski signed for free, Robinson and Minoso both charged fees.  Those two took so long to get back to me that I'd written them off, so it was a pleasant surprise to get them back.  They each charge a fee of $10.  I've always thought that Minoso belongs in the Hall of Fame, and Sievers, the 1949 AL ROY, is the first man to hit 300 home runs and not make it in.  I've read that after he won the ROY award, the Browns tinkered with his swing and messed it up royally.  It took him the better part of five seasons to get back in the groove, and so that probably ended his HOF chances right there.

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